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Tradescantia zebrina Ssp. discolor ‘flame dance’ - 3 large cuttings!

Tradescantia zebrina Ssp. discolor ‘flame dance’ - 3 large cuttings!

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You don’t see this one too often. It changes colors often randomly with shades of deep green and burgundy. This variety is distinguished from the traditional discolor by it’s narrower leaves and thinner, broken silver bands.

The Commelinaceae family is an interesting and popular group of plants. Many have brightly colored leaves and make a full hanging plant. They make great houseplants as long as you can provide a brightly lit place for them. The majority of them are fast growing so don't be afraid to trim your plant back periodically. These plants are famously easy to propagate. Any piece of stem will root easily in water or damp soil.

You will receive a (3) three large cuttings!

Heat pack information-
I ship out Monday through Wednesday. There are heat packs available in my store that are highly recommended during the winter season. I am in a cold area so I can’t guarantee live delivery without one. When purchasing multiple plants, one heat pack is needed per 4 plants.

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