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Crassula arborescens ‘UNDULATIFOLIA’ - Ripple jade

Crassula arborescens ‘UNDULATIFOLIA’ - Ripple jade

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This is a different sort of jade with twisted silver/blue leaves. A mature plant is really a sight!

I have two different types of this plant. This is the slightly larger version with red edges on the leaves.

You will receive a plant just like the one pictured. They are growing in 2.5" INCH POTS.

SHIPPING – I have the shopping cart set to automatically combine the shipping. For some reason it
isn’t always perfect. If you are overcharged I will refund you the exact change
after I print the shipping label.

Heat pack information-
I ship out Monday through Wednesday. There are heat packs available in my store that are highly recommended during the winter season. I am in a cold area so I can’t guarantee live delivery without one. When purchasing multiple plants, one heat pack is needed per 4 plants.

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